Three of my greatest achievements as an IDB Evaluation Economics Specialist:

I. I have positioned myself as a key expert in Institutions, leading all of the IDB’s Development Effectiveness Framework (DEF) topics in the IFD sector, particularly Institutional Capacity of the State (ICS) operations, and providing significant contributions to Sector Frameworks development, including the Fiscal Management and Policy and Transparency and Integrity documents.

II. I have acquired effective communication and training skills to teach public sector reforms and evaluation concepts and methods to audiences with different levels of technical background. I led the first Vertical Logic workshop to cluster leaders in the ICS division to improve project design. I also led two PCR workshops for ICS and FMM team leaders in Argentina and Colombia and, in partnership with Columbia University, I led several evaluation workshops in Peru that focused on innovative and effective Control Strategies.

III. I also have developed a strategy for rigorous evidence generation and closing knowledge gaps on key issues in the institutional sector, particularly in fiscal management, transparency, integrity and anti-corruption. I did this in collaboration with academia and by using the innovation labs network developed with IDB operations, including COMPR.AR in Argentina and Control-Lab, Invierte-Lab in Perú, among others. I conducted rigorous and robust quantitative data analysis utilizing econometric models and other statistical tools using: digital technologies, artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive algorithms, big data, and behavioral interventions. This work has helped to increase the relevance of the IDB and to generate new business opportunities.