At the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). I work as a Public Sector Reform Evaluator at the Institutional Cluster of the Office of Strategic Planning and Development Effectiveness SPD/SDV at the IDB where I supports the dialogue with the client, design, implementation and supervision of  IDB’s sector operations, including governance, public sector strengthening and reform, decentralization, fiscal and economic issues as well as the development of capital markets and financial institutions, and competitiveness at the national, regional and local level.

At the World Bank Group (WB)I worked at the Governance Global Practice (LAC, SEA and MENA Regions) where I led the design, execution of operations and operational research of public sector reform, particularly in: social accountability, transparency, and reduction of corruption, civic engagement, modernization of governmental organizations and institutions, performance management, legal & judicial reform, and decentralization in Cambodia, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Jordan.

Prior to joining the World Bank I spent more than 10 years working in academia, international organizations, and public administration. In academia I was a Research Fellow at the Minnesota Population Center at the University of Minnesota, where I conducted analyses of micro-data from Integrated Public Use Micro-data Series- International (IPUMS-International). In international organizations and public administration. In international organizations and public administration I worked in the field with USAID (Haiti and Dominican Republic) as an Economic Researcher, evaluating the impact of a labor program with Haitian sugarcane workers. I also worked in the Ministry of Economy (Argentina) as a Financial Advisor, improving the design and implementation of a tax and procurement program to encourage formalization and growth of Small and Medium Enterprises through tax incentives.

My current research lies at the intersection of development economics, public policy and public sector reform, through the application of a both experimental (RCT) and non-experimental impact evaluation (IE) strategies based on RDD, DID, PSM and others. My training focuses on general empirical microeconomics, implementation and evaluation of governance, social protection and transport interventions. My research interests include issues related to Public sector governance, procurement, tax reform, justice reform, service delivery, social accountability, social protection and transportation.

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